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A Life Changing Experience

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Young Adult Program

Penrith Farms is a young adult program located in Washington state. We transition troubled young adults experiencing a failure to launch into adulthood and independent living. We practice a different method than most programs for young adults in that we challenge our residents with real world situations on a working farm. We provide a home like environment and real work with real outcomes that gives our residents the opportunity to prove themselves. We provide an environment where it is safe to make mistakes, learn through experience and the support necessary for them to be successful.

A majority of our residents develop a distrust for therapists and traditional treatment facilities before they arrive at Penrith Farms. Counseling at Penrith Farms happens spontaneously in the moment as situations develop rather than a scheduled traditional sit-down therapy session after the fact. This practice helps residents develop self-awareness about their behavior and emotional states in the moment as they are happening. We provide opportunities for coaching, counseling, mentoring, and therapy to occur spontaneously thereby allowing residents to recognize their emotions and resolve their issues. Many of the young adults that are at risk and failing to launch are in need of this experience.

The Penrith Difference

Penrith Farms fosters trust and open communication between staff and residents. As we earn trust, we challenge residents to develop the skills necessary to transition into a positive and productive adulthood. The authentic connections we establish with residents will help them properly communicate, cooperate with others, and complete their commitments responsibly. We consistently challenge residents to express themselves appropriately, work as a team, embrace natural consequences, and socialize in a positive manner.

Penrith Farms is a reflection of the challenges young adults will face as adults. All provided in a safe milieu where the ability to make mistakes is accepted but learning from them is expected. The relationships that are built at Penrith Farms end up being life long, and a majority of our former residents remain in contact with us and each other when the leave. These relationship skills will serve them throughout their lives.

Who Can We Help?

We typically work with young adults over the age of 18 or what we consider at risk youth. Young adulthood typically defines the transitional period between adolescence and adulthood, adulthood being defined as having obtained education, career, and family. Adulthood no longer has a defined start time and our age limit is open ended. At risk youth are considered adolescents at risk of experiencing a successful transition into adulthood and independence which generally requires economic independence.

Young adults at risk generally but not always have emotional or behavioral problems, substance abuse issues, participate in criminal behavior, a lack of interest in academic pursuits, or are beyond parental control. None of these factors have to be present or one or more maybe present. The only real defining factor is that they are considered at risk of not transitioning into adulthood and remaining dependent upon their parents until and if their parents cut off support.

Our Young Adult Program exposes these at risk youth to many things that will aid them in transitioning into adulthood and move into the next phase of their lives. They will learn honest & direct communication, engage in new real relationships, the value of education & hard work, and an appreciation for family & how fortunate they truly are. All learned on a farm in a home-like environment designed to bring out the best in all its residents.

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