Failure To Launch Programs

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Failure To Launch Programs

Failure to launch programs help young adults finish transitioning into adulthood. The age range for any specific program varies from one program to the next but young adults refers to anyone 18 to 34. This definition can vary because adults are usually individuals with the big three: career, education, and family. The assumption is that adults have: completed high school and are living independently. Failure to launch programs are for young adults that still live at home and are “failing to launch.”  This is the main sign that someone is failing to launch, an inability to be financially independent and to take care of themselves.

Many young adults that move out and have some financial independence might get stuck. They are in an entry level job with no hope of advancement, they lack direction, and they have no long term ambitions.  Some young adults rush through childhood thinking they’re going to college, they’ll get a good job, and life will be grand.  But more and more people have college degrees and good jobs are becoming harder and harder to find. That makes it harder for young adults to create realistic goals for themselves.

Georgetown University did a study on the issue of failure to launch programs and uncovered the extent of the problem.  They discovered that young adults aren’t reaching median wage distribution until 30 vs 26 in 1980.  Young adult labour force participation is what it was in 1972 after a decline that started in the 80’s.  And they are considering the 2000’s a lost decade as the employment rate fell from 84 to 72 percent.  Consequently, they are associating this phenomenon with a structural shift in the United States.  Primarily late education and additional required phases in the lifecycle of work and learning.

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