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 Our $7,000 Monthly Tuition Covers the Following:

• Room and board
• along 24 hour in-home supervision
• Individual, group, and family therapy sessions
• Independent living program
• Emotional growth program
• Vocational training program
• Transportation (to and from school and/or work within a 10 mile radius of the farm)
• Weekend activities (cultural events, dining out, etc.)
• Membership in an athletic club

What to Bring:

• Prescribed medications
• Season appropriate clothing and shoes
• Work clothing and boots
• Rain or cold weather gear
• Swimsuit and workout clothing
• Toiletries

What NOT to Bring:

• Weapons of any kind
• Non-prescription drugs and/or alcohol
• Video games and consoles
• Televisions
• Vehicles

The Admissions Process

The individualized approach used at Penrith Failure to Launch Program allows us to serve a wider population and address social, emotional, academic, and behavioral challenges in a unique and tailored fashion. Appropriate candidates for admissions are troubled young adults, ages 18 and over, with a history of one or more of the following:

• Mild to moderate emotional and behavioral challenges.
• Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
• Self Esteem and Identity issues.
• Family of origin and adoption issues.
• Academic and/or vocational concerns.
• Problems transitioning to independence (Failure to Launch)
• Family conflict or difficulty with peer and social groups brought on by behavioral challenges.

To begin with, make contact with our Our Program Director or Admissions Counselor by phone or email and get an initial screening to see if Penrith Farms can provide the help your young adult needs to succeed. We don’t often turn students or families away but we will not admit students who are severely psychotic or delusional, extremely violent, or unable to care for their basic needs.

Then, our Admissions Team (Program Director, Counselor and one of our Therapists), will review your Application, any Psychological or Educational testing provided (recommended), and other materials (Letters of accountability, medical reports, special dietary needs). Then after reviewing all application materials, acceptance is based on a review of the student’s current level of functioning, past history of behavior and consultation with parents and professionals.

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