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It is no easy thing, entitlement and the young adults that suffer from it.  When a toddler doesn’t get what they want they throw a tantrum and sometimes we may even find it cute.  But when it is coming from a young adult man or woman it is another thing entirely.  Maybe the entitlement comes from a series of placations that took place over many years.  Maybe it is being born or adopted into wealth, and they feel they are do.  Tantrums may not come in a series of rants and screaming anymore, they might be more subtle.  Sometimes they are not so subtle.

There is a link between narcissism and entitlement and could be an unhealthy form of self-love.  How do you know if it is unhealthy?  Well, if it is harming the people around us and indirectly ourselves than it is a problem.  The trick is to teach entitled young adults that they are not more special than anyone else and other people don’t exist to serve them hand and foot.

How to Handle Entitlement

I would say the majority of students we deal with are suffering from some sense of entitlement.  Dealing with young adults is now second nature at Penrith Farms.  This is where the advantage of having a working farm comes in as students are forced to participate in work just like everyone else.  When a student refuses to participate they do not have any privileges so eventually they will participate to get what they want.  While participating in work projects around the farm they will also be dealing with entitled young adults that have been at Penrith Farms for awhile.  Usually more senior students will have grown up a bit since coming to the farm and won’t tolerate the behaviour in someone else.  So not only will students be receiving feedback from staff they will be receiving it from other students.

Farm work becomes a strong tool that we use to make changes in students.  Call us now to see how we can help you and enroll today.  Thanks!