Grief and Loss

penrith farms failure to launch counseling grief and lossGrief and loss occurs when we lose something or someone important to us. The way it impacts us can depend on our status of relationships and physical/mental health. We react to it in different ways. Beyond sadness we can experience anxiety and anger but this is apart of the grieving process. In the end, we will need to come to terms with our loss.

There is no immediate fix for the intense emotions of grief and loss but there are steps to take. Talking with someone is a good way to soothe things that are hurting us inside. Also, we need to allow ourselves to experience sadness. Avoiding sadness is not always the healthiest thing we can do. Simple things like sleep and proper diet can help us with grief and loss. But the last thing we should do is to try and numb ourselves with drugs and alcohol. And sometimes counseling can be helpful but isn’t that the same as talking?

Now we aren’t saying everyone will experience grief and loss in the same way. Everyone will have a different experience. Some people will have outward emotions and some will experience it on the inside. Neither is right or wrong, and we should judge neither. Yet whatever way we experience grief it is a challenge.

grief and loss penrith farms counseling young adult program

Penrith Farms is available to help young adults with these challenges. We can help provide a routine for them along with full-time counselors always present at the farm. Our young adult program also provides 3 healthy meals a day. Maintaining a healthy diet is important when dealing with grief and loss. As apart of the daily routine, young adults are on a strict sleep schedule. Most of important of all, Penrith Farms doesn’t allow drugs and alcohol. We reduce one’s ability to try to “numb” oneself.

If you need help with grief and loss contact us today and to enroll.