Help for Young Adults with Depression

help for young adults with depression Newport Washington United States


Penrith Farms we can provide help for young adults that are suffering from depressive states.  Depression has become more common in our modern society, or at least openly talked about.  It effects approximately 4- 5% of us in the United States at one time or another.  Depression can impact ones’ appetite either increasing or decreasing it.  It may also effect sleep having the same impact of possibly increasing or decreasing the amount of sleep one may get.  It can effect concentration, motivation, or even the immune system.  Depression may also come in many different forms such as major depression or bipolar disorder, or even dysthymia.

To differentiate Depression from depression or the occasional down mood, Depression is a very repetitive experience.  Not something that triggers  because of a particular event or capstone.  For example, turning forty might be a capstone event that triggers a depressed mood.  This type of depressive episode we work with frequently and is sometimes mistaken for Depressive disorder.  When thinking of an episode such as this we like to look at it as a fixation on a past moment in time while conversely anxiety would be a fixation on a future moment in time.

We are able to provide help for young adults in any circumstance they may face.  Many times it might just come down to pinpointing what really is making a young adult depressed.  We can impact it with healthy lifestyle changes since a depressive state may lead to unhealthy choices.  This unhealthiness feeds a cycle of depression that is hard to break.  If a young adult is suffering from a Depressive disorder than hopefully that has been already identified and if any medications are required they have already been prescribed by a treating doctor.  In these circumstances, Penrith Farms Young Adult Program provides help for young adults in the form of counselors on-site and a positive environment with a healthy lifestyle to support their needs.


Help for Young Adults with Depression is just a phone call away.  Contact Us for more information and to enroll today!