Video Game Addiction

Failure to Launch Counseling Program Header for Video Game AddictionVideo Game Addiction is a complicated subject matter because the DSM still does not recognize it as a mental disorder.  The World Health Organization classified it as a mental health disorder at the end of 2017.  Classifying Video Game Addiction as a disorder made many people upset in and outside of the mental health community because by many it is still considered an ongoing debate.  One of the reasons it is still a debate is because people have to ask themselves, “Is there really a difference between Video Game Addiction and any other type of addiction?”.  For many, the answer to this question is a resounding “No!”.

So, as a parent, you need to ask yourself a couple questions about your young adult to determine if he or she may have an addiction issue.  Do video games have: 1) A significant negative impact on work, school, and interpersonal relationships?  2) Do they spend most of their free time playing video games?  3) Do they frequently play video games for six to eight hours straight without stopping?  4) How about a loss of interest in social activities?  5) Do they avoid personal responsibilities and commitments so they can continue gaming? 6) Do they stay up very late often to play video games which regularly leads to feeling very fatigued the next day?  Anyone of these symptoms can be a sign of video game addiction.

So if you are in need of help there are several options open to parents.  There are also full blown treatment centers that specialize in addiction to video games and wilderness programs both of which create a deprivation environment.  Penrith Farms never sees the value in deprivation environments because all they really prove is that in the absence of an option one won’t utilize an option.  Therefore at Penrith Farms we propose limiting access to electronics, proper diet and exercise, and a healthy work/life schedule.

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