Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch Program for Young Adults

Failure to launch is a real struggle more & more young adults are experiencing every year.  Roughly translated it means more & more young adults are ill-equipped for independent living.  Young adults panic when faced with transitioning into adulthood.  Adulthood comes with challenges created by greater independence and responsibility. The term du jour to describe this age old phenomenon is “Failure to Launch.”  The phenomenon of young adults seeking to find significance, purpose, kinship and independence in their lives.  Frequently, a failure to launch program for young adults is employed to provide assistance in this time of need.

Young adults who fail to launch lack the skills required to act independently.  Subsequently, they begin falling behind their peers and end up leaving college or back home with their parents.  In fact, they may not have left home yet and have no clear plan to leave.  As a result they miss developing the skills necessary for independence and sound judgment.  The results can sometimes lead to: substance abuse, depression, social anxiety, and low self-esteem.

To help these young adults end their fear of failure.  They need challenges that will give them confidence in themselves and a failure to launch program for young adults can provide it.  Penrith Farms introduces young adults to a working farm.  For this reason, we expect our residents to participate in daily activities which include among other things farm work.  Work will give these young adults pride in something they do and a chance to not be immediately successful which is, in fact, a proper challenge.

A Typical Day

Our failure to launch program for young adults pulls them into the present which is to say: no dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, or more probable, digital escapism.  Young adults will wake up early every morning except on Sundays and Holidays.  Following from that, we implement a realistic schedule for them: wake-up, clean your room, eat breakfast, goto work, eat lunch, afternoon activities, dinner, bed.  Such a schedule doesn’t allow one much opportunity to escape time with the use of television, the internet, games, or any other mental distraction.  However, it will give one the opportunity to work and interact with other people that aren’t necessarily of like-mind.  This type of interaction is another part of being an adult which is our end goal.


We look to form goals with our clients when they arrive at Penrith Farms.  Is the goal to complete school whether that be high school or college?  Do we want to work on getting and holding a job?  Is the goal to live independently?  What defines success?

These are the types of questions young adults need to answer. Young adults get sent to 12-step programs & treated as addicts when they are usually just unmotivated.  Young adults need engagement & to experience adversity alone in their lives.  They must also learn to overcome challenges on their own to be successful in today’s competitive world and these are the tests young adults will face at Penrith Farms Failure to Launch Program for Young Adults.

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