What is a Successful Launch?

What does a failure to launch program do?

While we talk about a failure to launch program is we sometimes forget to describe what is a successful launch. It is best to look at successfully launching as transitioning into adulthood smoothly.  Most recently, adulthood is defined as education, career, marriage, and family.  A successful launch I would define as being on that path and working towards those goals.

Developmentally we could look at is some form of sensory motor, neuromotor, social and/or learning skills. Beginning the acquisition of these skills is the beginning of the path towards successfully launching to adulthood. This process starts during childhood beginning with parental attachment. As the child’s environment becomes more complex they begin dealing with different challenges in their lives.

Children have to face the big questions of:  Who am I?  What is my sexuality?  What concerns me outside of self? While facing these questions as children grow up they begin to answer them and determine what is the next part of their evolution.  Launching requires a belief in one’s ability to succeed which is learned during adolescence.  Following this they prepare for adulthood.

Becoming an adult

Adulthood requires the motivation to be an adult. Acting upon that motivation and development of long term goals. Being clear about these goals and the ability to stay focused on these goals. The ability to be resilient when one meets challenges or failure in pursuit of one’s goals. In short, if a child comes out of adolescence motivated to be independent, trying to become independent, developing long term goals, staying focused on these goals and not being derailed, and resiliency in the face adversity we would say that an individual is successfully launching and is on their way towards completing the transition into adulthood.

At Penrith Farms the focus is on identifying where an individual has lost their way and training them to be ready to transition.  Consequently this is done by teaching life skills, individual and group counseling, and participating in our young adult program.

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