Failure to Launch Treatment Program

Is a Failure to Launch Treatment Program Right for Me?

When I first heard “Failure to Launch Treatment Program,” I thought it was in reference to the movie. The term has come to mean much more and the movie portrays failure to launch but romanticized. It is a real struggle for young adults that lack the ability to transition into adulthood and independence.  The reality of the situation impacts young adults and parents.  Parents end up watching their children struggle to find meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment in their lives.

The situation can be emotionally and financially draining on parents.  It is draining to see their young adult isn’t independent, lacks schooling, and/or has no desire to be different.  In the wake of it all young adults may abuse illicit substances, and suffer from mental health issues.  But what makes these young adults any different than their peers that have gone on to be more successful?

High School is easy for some young adults but transitioning into college requires more effort.  When they work harder than usual they begin to question their own intelligence and self-worth. The pressure of college admittance and facing adversity causes some young adults to give in and retire.  Helicopter parents that never allow their kids to face adversity create children with no experience when they finally meet it face to face.  Because they never learn the resilience that comes with adversity and as they age the stakes get higher and higher.  Whatever the real cause is there are some things that hold absolutely true.

Some Help from Penrith Farms

Young adults that failed to transition into adulthood need more responsibility, to receive natural consequences, and deal with their problems.  Therefore parents can implement this action themselves.  Parents can hire a life coach or employ an individual therapist.  They may even send them to a failure to launch treatment program like Penrith Farms.  It is important to provide your child with familial support, hold them accountable, and stay true to natural consequences.  In the end, that’s what we primarily do at Penrith Farms failure to launch treatment program and it leads to a successful launch.


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