Life Skills Program

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While at Penrith Farms, young adults will learn a great number of psychosocial skills.  These skills will give young adults the capability to meet the demands of modern adulthood.  Students will learn these skills through direct experience when they engage with the Penrith Community.  We develop psychosocial skills in our life skills program by encouraging positive behavior rather than stopping the bad.  As a result, the community interplay of personalities will produce positive outcomes in most young adults.

With the help of the counselors at our life skills program, students will identify their core psychosocial issues.  Therefore young adults are responsible for identifying their issues with the counselor only providing guidance.  Then the young adult and their counselor will begin working together to create a draft plan of action, resolve their issues, and create milestones to mark their progress.  During the their stay, we will: evaluate progress in resolving issues, determine if any new issues developed, decide what to work on, and then update the plan.  As a result, with a newfound confidence, the student will begin finalizing their plan for independent living as an adult.

Our Life Skills Program: A New Model

Students at Penrith Farms will learn how to adapt & the positive habits necessary for life demands and challenges.  They will learn to adapt to a new set of social norms that will conflict with their current set.  We will achieve this through role-modeling which is more effective in changing behaviors than prevention.  The idea is to encourage young adults to want to behave in a particular way not to prevent them from behaving.

At Penrith Farms our goal is to graduate clients who possess character, confidence, resiliency, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence.  The staff at our life skills program will teach these skills daily through interaction.  Furthermore this daily interaction will introduce young adults to interpersonal communication where they must communicate their needs and their challenges to staff.  To sum up, young adults will be instructed on proper communication & our staff will provide the mentorship, and classroom instruction necessary for the residents to build confidence in their ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive society.  Call today to learn more.

What kind of skills?

Essential Life Skills:

Decision Making
Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication
Interpersonal Relationships
Self Awareness and Mindfulness
Empathy for and Helping Others
Coping with Stress, Trauma and Loss

Our Life Skills Program offers young adults the chance to learn the essential life & communication skills that they need to live and excel in today’s world. Young Adults learn basic subjects and skills such as:

Lifestyle includes personal hygiene, cooking meals, cleaning a kitchen, and washing clothes. It also, includes car upkeep, finding a place to live, and food shopping.

Communication will teach basic manners, dating and relationships, interpersonal communications, workplace communication.

Personal Development covers stress management, anger management, self-esteem, conflict resolution, the importance of family, and the impacts of lying and disrespect.

Nutrition will help teach proper diet and food handling.

Money Management focuses on managing money, filing taxes, borrowing money, credit, financial assistance for education, and checking and savings accounts.

Why is a Life Skills Program Important?

Life skills are an essential part of meeting the challenges of modern life. Dramatic changes to the global economy and technology are impacting education, the workplace and our daily lives. To cope, young adults need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. The average tenure of employment for 25 to 34 year olds is 3.2 years. So they will need flexibility to deal with the pressures throughout their career. Frequent job changes will create these different pressures.

A life skills program benefits the individual in everyday life by helping them find new ways of thinking and problem solving. During their stay at Penrith Farms students will learn to recognize the impact of their behavior on others. The goal will be for them to take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming others. Through this we hope they develop a greater self-awareness and an appreciation of others.

While participating in Penrith Farms Life Skills Program students will get the skills necessary for employment. Young adults will spend all day working with others which will lead to improved confidence in speaking skills. Not only improved speaking skills but they will learn to work and cooperate in a group. Working well as part of a team is an essential skill for employment in modern life. At Penrith Farms they will learn time management and the adaptability to be flexible and perform different job roles on a daily basis in a rapidly changing environment.

And After Leaving Penrith Farms Life Skills Program?

Our life skills program will help develop emotional intelligence in young adults. They will learn cooperation, empathy, and a sense of fairness through their time at Penrith Farms. With a little luck, some compassion and kindness.  Once students leave Penrith Farms they will have developed integrity, good judgement skills, a sense of fairness, and cooperation. Skills that are necessary for transitioning into adulthood and independent living.  The world is changing fast.  And none of us know what life or work will look like in five or ten years’ time.  The best possible preparation we can give to young adults are soft skills that seem simple but are essential. Flexibility, cooperation, self-awareness, openness to change, and empathy for others will take them through adulthood and beyond.

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