Cameron G.
“You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified candidate for treatment than myself in the spring of 2006. I owned a colorful rap sheet, violent and manipulative tendencies and an overall criminally anti-social perspective. Traditional treatment methods did little to improve my condition and months of incarceration only added to my hatred. I arrived at Penrith determined to manipulate staff and patients before returning to my previous lifestyle. I will not detail my own experience at Penrith, because no two are truly alike. Each individual has own their own path and their own set of expectations dictated by their own actions. Subsequently, Penrith mocks the outside world, while creating an environment where mistakes can safely occur. These mistakes and failures then become the stepping stones with which a patient can undergo a healthy recovery process in a structured fashion. Soon the client’s mistake is behind them and the overall experience serves as a guide which they can utilize to recover from inevitable pitfalls. At Penrith farms, as in life, mistakes are not only inevitable, they are expected and utilized as opportunities to empower the individuals involved.

As a direct result of my time at Penrith Farms, I am enrolled in school full-time and living happily. I currently am in my second year of community college with a 3.89 GPA and plan on transferring to a prestigious university next year. After I complete my Bachelor’s degree in English, I will take the LSAT and apply to law schools with hopes of becoming an attorney. My own goals and experiences are unique to me and I do not wish to make light of or overly embellish them. What I do intend to communicate is that my transformation was made possible through a template created by Penrith Farms and my own willingness to give it a try. Penrith will not hand clients the keys to successful lives, but rest assured those keys are buried somewhere; in a row of potatoes, a strawberry patch, a field of horses, or maybe beneath your own reflection on the water’s surface.”

Nancy G
“As a parent of a former Penrith student I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for tailoring your program to the needs of the individual. Thank you for looking deeply at each student, and endeavoring to understand him/ her and to ignite the inner spark that will inspire a better life. Thank you for having good bs detectors, and for not being afraid to take on very troubled students and families and help them find healing.”

Ben K.
“Penrith Farms taught me that I can handle the hard things in life no matter how big or small. I was able to turn my life around with some of the most supportive and understanding people by my side. I learned more about my self in 9 months then i ever thought i would. The relationships that were created while i was at the farm almost 3 years ago are still going great, even though i live on the other side of the country!”

Leslie P (Reviewed on Yelp)

“My daughter attended Penrith Farms for 16 months. While there, she benefited from the group therapies, the individual therapy and the fact that every situation, be it in the house she shared with others young women or her work on the farm was used as a learning tool. She went in an impulsive young woman who acted out in a myriad of ways and came out of there being more “whole” and introspective. Being on the farm with all the llamas, dogs and horses calmed my daughter’s anxieties and the good, hard work of gardening, toting bales of hay and grooming horses was good for her soul.”

Hagop K

“I attended Penrith Farms right after I graduated high school. it made a big difference in my life. Very safe environment, always supervised. Before coming to Penrith Farms, I didn’t care about anything, getting myself in trouble. I was doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. When I got to Penrith Farms, day by day my life was changing for the better. I matured, and I started taking care of myself (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc…) I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend Penrith Farms.”


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