Young Adult Counseling

The Young Adult Counseling Program at Penrith Farms

The young adult counseling program choices at Penrith Farms are flexible and unique.  As part of our treatment program our counselors provide individual, group, and family counseling services.  Our services are based on the needs of the young adult and their family.  We know the benefits of traditional counseling but we don’t force young adults to engage in it.  Many young adults come to Penrith Farms oppositional towards counseling because of years of unwillingly participation.  Whereas we find that by giving the young adult the choice to engage we get buy-in.  Once young adults buy-in they become more involved in their own progress toward independence.

Consequently, Penrith Farms has what we think of as a solution oriented therapy.  This model allows us to deal with real issues as they come up in a spontaneous manner.  We like to think of counseling as an agreement between the young adult and counselor where challenges are identified, and the route to an accord is agreed upon.  These issues can range from life long mental health issues to short term social issues.

In addition, the counselors at our young adult program actively engage the young adults on the farm.  Therefore they know the young adults very well outside of counseling.  While our counselors work with all the staff to stay abreast of how young adults are doing.  With a young adults’ consent, we share details about what they are working on with staff so they can help them with their therapeutic goals.  It is also very important that parents work with our counselors too.  Penrith Farms provides a setting that our young adults and their parents get to experience.  Parents will stay up to date with their young adults progress along with help in learning how to deal with reactivity.  Please call for more details.


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