Many thoughts can go through the head of a young adult when they find out they are adopted.  There may be a sense of loss over lost relationships with their birth family but there are usually questions over self-worth.  They might feel abandonment and rejection which impacts their self-esteem.  Guilt can become an issue if they desire to learn more about their birth parents because they feel they are betraying their adopted family.

This low self-esteem and guilt can manifest itself in several ways and it certainly can impact one’s transitioning to adulthood and independent living.  Adoptive parents usually feel a greater sense of responsibility for their adopted child.  That being in the sensation that they took on the responsibility of raising a child and that perhaps they did something wrong.  They give their adopted child more allowances then they necessarily feel comfortable with.

No matter what the circumstances if you find yourself with an adopted child that is failing to launch it may be difficult for you to deal with on your own.  A Young Adult Program like Penrith Farms takes on the role of a tough love third party.  We are not a part of the current relationship so we change the dynamic between parent and child.  Both parties are starting a new relationship with Penrith Farms and we will create new paradigms of behavior.  Ultimately, we strive to give your adopted child the self-esteem they need to successfully transition into independent living and give families the opportunity to reframe their current relationship.