Soft Skills are qualitative non quantifiable skills that correspond with an individual’s emotional intelligence.  Soft Skills make up parts of an individual’s personality and indicates how much empathy they may or may not have.  For example, it doesn’t matter how qualified an individual is to perform a job if it requires a team effort and no one wants to work with him or her.  Make sense?  Soft Skills are more difficult to learn than technical skills and knowledge.

Some Soft Skills we address are:

Time Management – the idea of setting priorities of work.  Determining what’s important and accomplishing those tasks when there isn’t necessarily enough time to do everything.

Communication – good communicators listen and are able to follow instructions, and are also able to communicate their points of view without being aggressive or turning people away.

Commitment – It is always more pleasurable to work with someone who is enthusiastic about their job and enjoy doing it.  People that are committed are reliable and dependable.

Flexible – the ability to do something one is unfamiliar with and always ready to adapt to new situations.

Decision Making – one aspect of decision making that is important is decisiveness.  It doesn’t matter how good your decisions are if you miss time targets trying to make up your mind.  That is not to say snap decisions that are made immediately with only a partial picture.

Responsibility – not only claiming one’s work but also being able to accept mistakes when they are made and not being afraid of them.

When a resident is participating in Penrith Farm’s Young Adult Program for individuals that are suffering from a failure to launch they will learn these skills as a natural part of daily life.  Work is an important part of daily life on a farm and residents are integrated into this farming community where they will have to take responsibility for their actions, will learn to communicate, and will have to be flexible because every task will be new to them.  Farm work is one of the best methods in bringing the best out of people and we think you will agree to.  Call Us Today!