Jim Brewster Penrith Farms Newport Washington Troubled Young Adult Program

James (Jim) Brewster, Co-Director/Founder
(509) 447-0665    [email protected]

• Served two tours in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot
• Former Captain in the United States Army
• Co-Founded China House in 1969
• Co-Founded Penrith Farms in 1980
• Foster Parent from 1983 – 2000

Sherry Brewster, Co-Director/Founder
(509) 447-0665    [email protected]

• Studied Creative Writing and Psychology at San Francisco State in 1960
• Private Preschool Teacher in Marin County from 1962 – 1964
• Co-Founded China House in 1969
• Co-Founded Penrith Farms in 1980
• Foster Parent from 1983 – 2000

Heather Green Penrith Farms Newport Washington troubled young adult program

Heather Green, Admissions/Counselor
(509) 671-7607    [email protected]

• B.A. Applied Psychology, Eastern Washington University
• Certified Counselor, Washington State
• Registered Hypnotherapist, Washington State

Quinndara Woodworth, Director of Counseling
(509) 447-9274    [email protected]

Graduated from University of Washington with her MSW in 1972 and has been in practice ever since. She has vast experience and in the past has worked with DSHS and the Spokane Mental Health Center. She started her private practice in 1991 which still continues today.

Jeremy Hastings, Administration
(509) 447-2291    [email protected]

Jeremy started working at Penrith Farms, during the summer of 1995, while attending Washington State University. After graduating, he left for four years to serve in the United States Army and came back to Penrith Farms in 2005. Since then he has completed his Masters of Public Administration at Eastern Washington University, and has been concurrently serving as an Officer in the Washington State Army National Guard since 2010.

Support Staff

Penrith Farms employs staff to provide services to the Penrith community such as facilities management, gardening, transportation, cooking, animal care, maintenance, landscaping, and recreation plus teachers of art, music, cooking, baking, computer skills, music, woodworking, and a host of other classes.

The ratio of employees to residents exceeds one to one which provides residents with at least one if not more role models or mentors to connect with.