What Can Parents Do?

A Young Adults Failure to Launch

Currently over half of all 18 to 24 year-olds in the United States are living with their parents.  Between 2007 – 2010 adult children living at home increased by 1.2 million.  Consequently, some are never leaving and some are returning after failing or feeling like they failed away from home. Why do they never leave or why do they come back home? Because it is safe.  Now this isn’t to say all situations are the same there are two types of young adults still living at home: 1) someone that is responsible and contributes while they are taking time to move out and 2) a young adult that expects you to take care of all their needs. It is the young adults failure to launch that we are concerned about under these circumstances.

Being on one’s own creates stress and anxiety that can sometimes be overwhelming. While Helicoptering can compound this problem as young adults have never experienced responsibility or making decisions. Parents do not allow their young adults to develop independence because of fear.  Over time, your young adult hasn’t learned to solve problems themselves because “adults” are fixing things for them.  What your young adult needs is what Penrith Farms can provide.  We can help you develop independence in your son or daughter.

End the Dependency

A break from the dependency is what your young adult needs from you. If you are unable to break the dependency yourself it is okay to get help. That is what many failure to launch programs for young adults do. They help parents break their young adults dependency on them.  They give them the confidence and life skills necessary to transition into adulthood.  We hope you will give Penrith Farms the opportunity to help you with your challenges.  We look forward to meeting you and your young adult.



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